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Sixfold Fiction Winter 2015

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Sixfold is an all-writer-voted journal. All writers who upload their manuscripts vote to select the highest-voted $1000 prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue.
In Sixfold Fiction Summer 2015:
Heather Erin Herbert | Hood
Valerie Cumming | Sixteen Days
Audrey Kalman | Before There Was a Benjamin
Carli Lowe | What We Had in Common
Julie Zuckerman | Tough Day for LBJ
Martin Conte | Suddenly a Bright Cloud Overshadowed Them
Abby Sinnott | The Tsarina of Caviar
Slater Welte | A Late Summer Comedy
Veronica Thorson | Thieves
Brad McElroy | The Deep End
Kim Magowan | Brining
Steve Lauder | Smoke Break

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