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The Memorable Sight In Their Eyes

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Happening in the 1970 after the kingdom falls.

I can see through my window open to their heart, the Agnes and the Algar oblique movements of their body is self-transcending the ecstasy to the other mind filling with affection.

The Agnes who is the rooted palace girl of her forefather king settled in the palace inside our village. Algar became desperate of loving a palace girl.

It was always Algar inside the jasper’s mind before Mabel comes to his life!

she was manipulating her tool of influencing his mind in her first sight
The village people started talking about her. They say she is wicked and mentalist

Mabel moved her thumb finger on my hand. I quivered with the pleasure. her pulse had the electric current passing to my body. I felt I planted her in my weakest part of my heart to grow. When my brain was altering I remember we were looking each other throughout.

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