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Gary Celdom Case Journals: Volume One: Gary Celdom Case Journals, #1

342 pages5 hours


Detective Gary Celdom has been a member of the Toronto P.D. for over 25 years. However, he doesn't always follow proper procedures. Thankfully, he has his colleague-cum-girlfriend, Jessica, his best friend and writer, Phil, and the ghost of his dearly departed fiancee, Karen, to help him out. 

In "Scarlet Siege" (Book #1), Gary and Phil attend a fan convention that turns into a hostage situation. Can Gary apprehend the captors before it's too late? 

In "Barbadian Backlash" (Book #2), Gary recollects the case where his former colleague was murdered in Barbados, and a former love Jessica doesn't know the whole story about. Can Gary salvage his relationship when she learns of his secret? 


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