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Series 1



The sinister sex club #739 may let them go, but are they willing to pay the price?

Charlotte and James Briggs are running for their lives. Their love has never been stronger but their hearts may burst from the stress before they can be together again. Their blackmail attempt backfired and now #739 knows they are trying to get out. Erik is dead.

Will they take the same devil's bargain their friend and betrayer, Eric Salazar, tried to do before he was killed? Can they do that to someone they know? Can they kill someone for their own safety?

The mysterious Andre Gudor seems to be having a crisis of conscience.  But, will he cleanse his soul in time to save the Briggs?  Or will he destroy them just to clear the slate?

Hopeless, James and Charlotte must decide if they will become as devious as those they seek to escape, or die on the higher ground.

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