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Hold onto Love

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Tyler Cole is unlucky at love. He sees beautiful men all day long at the gym he works in. But he's been burned before.The expression 'nice guys finish last' definitel applies to him. The reason? He's fiercely devoted to his family. He doesn't understand how that is a turn off for anyone wanting a long term relationship. He's all but given up the chance at finding love for himself and decides to live vicariously through the love his brother and sister in law share and their baby who will soon join their family.

Kyle Browne is fresh out of college and eager to start his career in graphic design at a prestigious advertising firm. His new boss just happens to be his brother in law. Kyle's family is always in each others business and he wouldn't haven't it any other way. He's fun loving, and enjoys life; he doesn't think he's quite ready to settle down yet. Until he walks into Greenwood's gym one day.

Can Tyler and Kyle find forever love with each other or will the string of family ties keep them apart?

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