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Resolving Osteoporosis: The Cure & Guide Book

87 pages30 minutes


A Referenced Guide to Your Body, Life, Mind, Bones, Prevention and Diet While Dealing With Osteoporosis

From the TEN TIME #1 Bestselling Medical Author & Educator -- Transform Osteoporosis with a NATURAL Approach to Your Bone Health! Women -- this is about YOUR Osteoporosis. 
LEARN THIS is NOT a Disease, but a Deficiency State -- Find Out Which Vitamin REALLY INCREASES YOUR BONE DENSITY & HEALTH! 
Learn About Natural Prevention of Fractures, Bone Loss, Osteoporosis Diet. 
You just got told by your medical doctor (in your 2 1/2 minutes of allotted time) you have bad osteoporosis. She hands you a prescription with a warning that it has a 75% rate of side effects -- to stop it immediately if you develop chest or jaw pain. Welcome to modern medicine -- you have poor bone health, bone density & mineral density issues, reduced bone mass, and you're just going to die... 

Journey now with Dr Dan Purser as he takes a 58 y.o. postmenopausal woman with osteoporosis symptoms, treating her fracture risk as a deficiency to be dealt with properly using all the natural tools available. Watch through Dr Purser's eyes as he explains osteoporosis causes, natural osteoporosis treatment, and watch as she finds out why and how osteopenia or osteoporosis are NOT horrible life ending diseases but are instead readily treatable hormone and vitamin deficiencies, and how you too can absolutely pin down the exact deficiencies with which your body had been dealt, and properly use all natural options to flip your bone mineral density, improve your heart & brain health, explain osteoporosis and estrogen interactions, osteoporosis and Vitamin D interactions, and get strong bones while you do it! 

Part of this journey is viewed through the eyes of Dr Purser as he treats a patient for osteoporosis and the conversation they have as she improves her bone health, and part is viewed in the friendly medical vernacular that has made Dr Purser one of the most popular speakers, medical educators & osteoporosis doctors worldwide. 

This book expertly covers osteoporosis testing & bone health supplements few other doctors even mention or know about -- information such as: 
How to discover YOUR Intracellular Osteoporosis Vitamin & Osteoporosis Mineral Deficiencies and How to Treat Them 
How an osteoporosis vitamin deficiency can have an impact on YOUR Bone Health & osteoporosis joint pain 
What HRT or women hormones such as testosterone, progesterone or estrogens do for bone health & how to know if you're really postmenopausal 
How lack of hormones is one of only a few osteoporosis causes... 
What is proper osteoporosis screening and osteoporosis statistics 
Why using testosterone as an osteoporosis medication will make you feel sexier, have a hard skeleton, and have hard bones 
When to use DEXA scanning but also how to regularly track & cheaply your bone mineral density to make sure it's increasing  

Every day that passes you lose MORE MINERALS. Transform your body and your bone health TODAY -- buy this little book and dive deeper and take charge of your bone health!

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