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How to Register Your Business in Canada

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Need to know Canadian business and register your business by yourself

This book is a comprehensive guide to register a business in Canada.
This one package will completely assist you to register your business by yourself.
You may not need to hire a costly lawyer and/or accountant to do it for you.
All contact addresses, application forms, and online links are provided.

Before we run our own business or are to be hired by other companies as a contractor we must register our business first. Many of us nowadays are registering a business and employed by other companies as a contractor for many reasons. A few of them are the purpose of taxes management and the labor market culture. If we were hired as a contractor we would have more flexibility to manage our incomes and taxes. Also, the industry tends to gear toward short term hiring, so hiring a contractor would be more suitable than hiring a permanent worker.

When registering our business, most often, we ended up hiring a law firm and accounting firm to do this for us. This is not only costly, but also complicated sometimes. In fact, we could do it ourselves for less than half of the costs of hiring them to do it for us. Also, we are better off understanding what is involved and what type of obligation or liability we must be aware of. We don’t want to throw ourselves into a situation where we are unable to protect ourselves should there be a case when our clients have some issues with our services.

Another imminent purpose of this book is to put all necessary information into one context where we can easily understand and follow it. With the assistance of this book, the readers can go on to register their company by themselves. Some readers might have tried to do it in the past, but it wasn’t success. Because of government information and regulation, we expected to find a simple guide that could walk us through in a one stop shop. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Importantly, the readers will learn and able to register the business in Canada. The book will describe the different types of businesses such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, not-for-profit corporation and all types of business available to register in Canada. It also includes the advantage, disadvantage, and obligation in registering each type of businesses. Once we decided which type of businesses we are going to register, the book will walk through the procedure of registering business name, number, license, GST/HST account, payroll account, and other required account that the specific business might need. The book also provided all necessary forms to register the business and its related accounts.

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