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The Parallel Land

574 pages9 hours


Goblins and trolls sweep across the Land.

Armies of men and elves unite against invasion.

Wizards, Alistarr and Marcus lead a perilous expedition into the parallel land in order to put an end to the invasion. The nine that venture with the two wizards, are Nathaniel and Damon Walker, scouts for the Kingdom of Covington, the leader of the king's scouts who goes by the name of Molitor, two elves Odum and Lontona, and then finally two willowmites, that are cousins to the elves, Joash and Duras.

Not only do these heroes need to find a way to end the invasion; they also need to rescue the Keeper, who is the supreme overseer to the Land and its inhabitants.

However, first they need to contend with a Sorceress that has her own desires, spies seeking vital information and a mysterious being that has attached itself to one of our heroes.

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