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Circle of the Heart

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Love comes full circle...

Bren Harrington has her husband’s baby—alone—nine months after he died. For the past year and a half, she's been preoccupied with doubts and suggestions of adoption, strange looks of a woman her age with child, and now caring for that child, that she’s forgotten what it's like to just be an adult woman around adult men. Standing here with one of them who looks like he belongs in the pages of a magazine, isn’t the place to start.

With a lot of baggage and little time to waste, Cole Tyler moves from New York to Montauk, ready to establish his rank and authority. That doesn't stop him from helping out the new mother next door. Being neighborly doesn't have a price, and he won’t be around long enough to leave a lasting impression.

Bren's nowhere near ready to date. Who buries her husband then falls for another man so quickly? Totally out of the question! She has a five-month-old to think about. Her newly awakened attraction will have to forget about Cole Tyler: rock solid, beautiful laugh, killer smile, generous attitude, funny...younger. Phffft. Exactly. Absolutely not going to happen.

This is a Christian Romance

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