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How to Quickly Get More Business by Being a Local Celebrity

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You could do nothing less simple than use your local celebrity status to skyrocket your business!

But are you not the celebrity type? Doesn't matter. Hardly any business-boosting technique is simpler and more effective for getting new customers pouring through the door. People who advertise internationally (online or otherwise) can almost always increase their bottom line profits by addressing their local community.

You get the answers here on exactly, step-by-step, how to do that! Masterminds Ben Settle and Mike Dolpies offer their acclaimed local business-boosting advice using a unique interview-like, Q&A style.

Here you learn such insightful selling nuggets such as:

• How PR (Public Relations) is not only far easier than you might now imagine, it's far more powerful than you ever dreamed... and easy to get FREE!
• What goes into a simple but effective PR campaign for businesses on a shoestring budget?
• Where to begin (it's not what you think!)
• How to skip the need to be a polished speaker of any kind!
• The reason why savvy business owners WANT a reporter's microphone in their face!
• If a press release is a very bad idea, and it may very well be something you NEVER want to do!
• Why local radio and TV stations WANT TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS (and this is NOT you paying high dollars for their advertising)!
• How to boost your profits with a simple Facebook email address - If you're on Facebook, you already have one but you aren't leveraging it properly!
• And so much more, if we listed every benefit you'll get right away, Amazon might yell at us for using too much space!

This book is ALL content! No wasted time on your part, it's no fluff but digs right into the meat of local marketing for any business of any size.

Click to get your copy today and you'll be boosting your status AND more importantly, your business, before tonight!

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