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Hercules Was a Dangerous Drunk (9 Cracked Retellings of Classic Greek Myths)

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In this collection of nine very short stories, both popular and obscure Greek myths are retold with an often humorous twist. Included in this volume:

1) Hercules Was a Dangerous Drunk - Hercules invites himself over to the palace of King Admetus, unaware that the King is mourning his wife. A drunken Hercules attempts to right this grievous wrong.
2) The Talents of Phidias - A goddess is shocked to discover how a sculptor has used his god-given gifts.
3) The Song of Achilles - After the sack of Troy, only men mourned Achilles.
4) Cora, Who Loved Dionysus - Poor Cora. All she wanted was a fun boyfriend. Unfortunately, she ended up with a god.
5) The Dogs of Actaeon - These dogs were taught to hunt...
6) The Tale of Seven Against Thebes - How Thebes was brought low, and how Justice pursued its attackers across a generation.
7) Tuesdays With Charon - Just another day in Hades.
8) Aeacus - The famed builder of Troy's south wall was not actually a builder by trade...
9) What Adonis Told the Boar - The true story of Adonis' scandalous birth and short, unhappy life.

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