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The Luckiest Cat in Britain

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This is the true story of Lucky, the cat, told from Lucky's perspective. As a kitten, Lucky lived with his mother, two brothers and a sister, who was very weak and she died. Lucky was then adopted by another family. They named him Lucky, in return he named them as Mr and Mrs Oilrag (because Mr Oilrag always smelled of oil). But their daughter's name was retained as Alison. At their home, Lucky got a companion Sully, also a cat. He befriends Scorfer, a large black cat, and Horatio, a tortoise. Lucky had many other friends also, including cats, owls, toads and moles.
It was Scorfer who tells Lucky about the power of black cats. Lucky then decides to apply it on his family and brings them fortune. Intended for the reading age of 15 years and above, this book spurs the imagination of the reader.

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