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Skin Walkers: Remy

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Unaware of the volatile past between her brother and her Commander, Harlow EnemyHunter doesn’t understand her Commander’s clear aversion to her presence on his team. Determined to fit in, Harlow goes to great lengths to prove her worth, earn respect, and hide her infatuation for her Commanding Officer.
Remy McCabe has waited years to get revenge on fellow Skin Walker, Mason EnemyHunter. What better way to hurt a Walker then to hurt those that he loves? When Harlow is brought to Remy all he has to do is ignore his inner beasts and follow through with his plan to use her to hurt Mason. Problem is, not only can he not bring himself to hurt Harlow, his damn protective instincts surge to the fore every time she’s near.

When war is brought to StoneCrow, all bets are off and Remy is torn between protecting Harlow and allowing her to be the solider she’s trained to become.

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