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How to Lose Belly Fat by Drinking Beer and Eating Like a Pig

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Did you know you can lose belly fat by stuffing yourself with food?

Or that there's a time when drinking soda, beer and other "bad" foods can make your stomach fat disappear faster?

Or that exercise is not necessary to have a flat stomach?

According to a new book, these are examples of little-known facts about losing belly fat almost every single fitness and diet expert misses, and why waistlines are getting fatter even though there are more diets, gimmicks and weight loss programs than ever before.

The book is called: How to Lose Belly Fat By Drinking Beer and Eating Like a Pig.

And the message of this short book is simple: You don't have to starve, count calories or suffer to lose body fat.

In fact, it's the exact opposite:

The key to eliminating belly fat is not eating less, it's eating more – including sometimes eating "forbidden" foods outright banned by other diets (including things like soda, beer, cakes, ice cream, pies, fried foods, and so many more).

You just have to know when to eat which foods and the rest takes care of itself.

Here are some of the benefits of following the system inside:
• Programs your body (like a computer) to go into "nutrient storing mode" instead of "fat storing mode" after eating bad meals (yes, this is not only possible, but scientifically proven by a world class fitness expert and bestselling weight loss author. Just do this...)
• Removes dangerous "killer" toxins from your body. (Did you know a lot of times belly fat is just your body's way of protecting your vital organs from dangerous toxins? It's true, and when you follow this system you get rid of both the toxins and the fat.)
• "Un-bloat" your stomach in just days and weeks instead of months and years (no long waits or grueling months of starvation and exercise needed).
• Strengthen your "core" (which automatically helps prevent back pain and other problems caused by too much belly fat).
• Lose your stomach fat even when eating lots of "bad" meals – including beer, soda, desserts and other "forbidden" foods.
• More confidence in yourself as you walk around without having to suck your gut in.
• Have more raw energy than you did when you were a teenager!
• Watch other aches and pains disappear (fact is, many aches, pains and discomforts are a direct result of having too much belly fat – get rid of the belly fat and those pains go with it).
• Sleep like a log for eight hours each night. (Following the information inside may make getting a full night's sleep the norm for you, and not the exception).
• Reduce your chances of getting diseases caused by too much belly fat. (Like diabetes – one of the fastest growing diseases in the industrialized world!)
• Look younger and healthier than all of your peers and friends. (This happens to anyone who loses their belly fat the right way – don't be surprised if your friends start asking what your "secret" is!)
• And so much, much more...

So here's the deal: "How to Lose Belly Fat By Drinking Beer and Eating Like a Pig" is short and to the point.
• We don't waste your time!
• We don't pad the page count with filler!
• You can read it in one sitting (easily).

Plus, there are no calories to count. No exercises to mess around with. And no complicated eating plans to figure out.

Just "plug" into the system and watch your belly fat disappear – fast.

In fact, you could realistically see a difference in as little as 48 hours (or less).

So grab your copy today and feel the difference tomorrow!

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