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No Panic

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Bianca, a successful young woman, falls into a spiral of panic attacks, and has to face the ghosts of her past. An enthralling novel dealing with one of the most feared diseases of our times. From the bestselling author of Voglio un Mondo Rosa shokking, with over 50,000 copies sold.

Bianca seems to be a fulfilled young woman. She lives with her boyfriend Edoardo – her former analyst – works in the contemporary art department of an auction house, and after years of friction, at last has a civilized relationship with her father and his partner. Her life, in short, seems to be a nice one, and both professional success and the chance to have a family of her own seem to be at hand. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to destroy the happiness she has built: something that for anyone else would be a chance of getting ahead in her career, causes her anguish. Memories of the night that scarred her life 20 years ago return to torment her. Before she realizes it, Bianca falls back into a spiral of panic attacks, the pathology that turned her adolescence into a nightmare. This time, however, in trying to come to terms, once and for all, with the fears and ghosts of her past, she discovers truths and secrets that she had previously repressed. Struggling with herself, Bianca finally discovers that she is stronger and braver than she could ever imagine.

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