Ameriplan vs. Death of the American Dream
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We need the Socialists to get out of bed with the Parasites and put their clothes on. What a shame: 10 Trillion in debt and we haven’t solved our major domestic problems and let’s keep our greedy mitts out of the Social Security Trust Fund! No more excuses. Let us fix the problems today. And Congress, if you help fix our mess, I doubt the American people would mind raising your salaries A Lot!The Socialists beat us down, laughed behind our backs, cut their buddies deals, lied and mislead us to get control, bought voters off with our own money, raised taxes on our families as they parasited on our productive, stole the bread out of our children’s mouths, confiscated our assets, inflated away our savings, shipped jobs overseas, made us dependent on Government, mismanaged our economy, broke our hearts and sold out to the highest bidder. Want proof? When you feel their 10 Trillion (10,000,000,000,000.00) Austerity, you’ll know it! And if you don’t believe it, it will sure feel like it.They said you could not change things. How wrong they were, starting with them. At last, if you are tired of a Negative Socialist environment based on punishment, Parasitalism and fear, learn how we can have a positive Capitalist environment based on Freedom, Incentive, Prosperity, Respect, Honesty, Compassion and Hope. It’s simple!Do me one tiny favor before we begin our journey……………
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