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Just Enough in a Land Without Numbers introduces readers to Bringer, who discoversthat bringing “just enough” is not as easy as it seems. Its narrative is specially written toemphasize mathematics and it will teach young readers that there is a joy in carefully andsuccessfully thinking a problem through. Bringer learns to use one-to-one correspondence,the use of symbols to simplify the task of problem solving, and more.There is a critical shortage of students going into the math and science fi elds. Of thosewho want to pursue scientifi c studies a large percentage enter the fi eld far behind theirinternational counter parts. Moreover, studies have shown that parental involvement isan important factor in the academic success of students. This book enables parents toguide their children through some essential mathematical ideas.Many of children’s picture books about numbers are mostly about reciting numbersand recognizing the amount that each number represents. Important as this is, it isessential that children are encouraged to think critically; to learn how to solve problems,to understand the usefulness of numbers, and to understand the structure of numbers.This book and others to come will provide material and suggestions to coach the adulton how to meaningfully engage the child in mathematical discussion. No need to takeclasses, the coaching comes with the book, with every page.
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