Gus was just released from prison and had only two things on his mind. The main thing was about he could get back at the person who had put him there in the first place, Amanda. The next thought was about finding a way too quickly, but discreetly, acquire a large amount of cash so he could get out of the country before he went to the parole officer. He knew of nothing else to do. No one wanted to hire an ex convict and the fact that the country was amidst a recession, did nothing to help. He was far beyond simply distraught. But, then, suddenly an idea came to mind. Sure, it was crazy. But, if he was lucky and played his cards right, it could pay off like it had for him before…and then he could get back at the whore who put him there…and get a large sum of ‘exit’ money to go along with it.
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ISBN: 9781450032940
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