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Let us get away from spending our energy and resources toward killing each other and creating hell here. We can convert this hell into heaven. Fortunately, the job is not as big as it seems. We do not have to make it beautiful. It already is. The only thing we have to do is to take time off our biases and hatred and look around with open eyes. We have to remove all layers of biases covering our eyes, and we will be able to see a picture we have never seen before. We will be able to see colors we have not seen before. There is beauty in the greens, in scenes, in lakes, in gardens and parks, in mountains, in seas, and in rivers. Imagine a lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and a full moon spreading milky moonlight all around. How magical it can be. We do not have to go to another world to experience this. Scenes like this exist in our planet, and there are thousands of them. If only we instill a desire in us to pay attention. There is beauty in people—good people, generous people, nice people, helpful people. These are people who look toward you with respect and love, the people who sacrifice their possessions to give happiness to others. There is beauty in smiles of small children and young kids and giggles of teenage girls. There is beauty in sitting together, talking to each other with no ill will, knowing that we all respect each other, love each other, and care for each other. There is beauty and pleasure all around us. Let us start paying attention to it and start enjoying it. Before we do that, we have to stop taking other people’s rights. That is what has caused all the problems to start with.This new world will be a lot better than what we have now.
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