"Old Testament Women" is a book of biographical profi les. The true stories of their lives are written with the intent of sharing passion, commitments, tragic sufferings and rebellion,letting people know how some of the women lived with integrity and hope and fi nding the grace to endure and triumph, and how others lived self-centered lives bringing destruction tofamilies and nations.The book documents the many social issues, injustices, abuse, incest, rape, marriage, infi delity, war, nobility, birth etc. The women in the book will help other women fi nd understandingand growth in their own relationships.This book has been thoroughly, researched using the King James Version of the Bible. The Bible is known for its beautiful poetic language. The chapters and verses can be found at theend of each profi le, encouraging the reader to read and study actual passages. I have written several books about the Bible, "New Testament Women", "Men In the Bible", "Prophets". etc. I pray that it is God's will to share them with others.
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