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Kingdom Hearts 2014

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Is Kingdom Hearts an unlikely success, or is it actually the biggest sure thing in this generation of videogames? To be sure, this is a game that succeeds in spite of its flaws. It succeeds in spite of some of the biggest flaws that a game has ever succeeded in spite of. It has a 3D camera that has to be seen to be believed, and a difficulty level tilted well beyond what players are probably expecting from what has been pegged as a "kid's game." There are times when even dedicated gamers and RPG fans will grow quite painfully frustrated, and that's even before getting to the really nasty bits. But what a wealth of character this game has! Designs new and are brought to life by brilliant 3D modeling and animation, creating perhaps the most effective rendition of a cartoon world on a console, and while there's plenty of lighthearted humor in evidence, the subject matter is often pitched at quite a serious level.

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