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The Book of Joy: How to Live Every Day of Your Life Happily Ever After

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My spirit guides continually remind all of us this life we’ve chosen in these particular physical bodies at this particular time on the planet is supposed to be a joyful and joy-filled experience. And yet for many, if not most, it is not. Often, it’s anything but joyful.

This book will hopefully serve to remind the reader of the goddess or god within. And from there, to inspire him or her to create the joyful, abundant life that is the birthright of us all.

Here are the topics we cover in The Book of Joy:
Joy and Your Physical Body
This Single Solitary Moment
All Is As It Should Be
Who’s There?
Spirit Speaks
To Live In A Sacred Manner
Feeling Good and Getting Connected
You Live In A World of Absolute Abundance
Trusting Yourself
The River of Life
Unshakeable Happiness
The Power of Joy

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