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Three Short Stories and a Longer One

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A collection of Three Short Stories and A Longer One.

Mayday--Set in a futuristic earth, Janice and Ernest find themselves falling in love at first sight without knowing what ‘in loves’ means.

The Hunchback of Room 101--Jerry’s life has become a burden. A burden so heavy that his body has manifested a large hump on the centre of his back, forcing him to carry it around as a reminder of his fate.

The Road Often Travelled--Jude Taylor desperately needs a new house. His lover has abandoned him, his mortgage bankrupt him and his older sister has decided to kick him out.

And the longer one…

I know she’s not telling me something--How much should two office colleagues know about each others lives? Stella is a self obsessed, self confessed snob, Annie is a quiet shy and deeply private person. Can two such opposite characters become friends? And if so what is the line that should not be crossed when wanting to know more about a friend?

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