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The Flying Boot

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This is a true story from the 2nd world war, very little is told or films made of the very Brave men that fort in the desert, especially of the RAF that was attached to the 8th Army, They became known as the desert rats.
This story is about my aircraft a Mk 2 Wellington bomber, and the crew that flew it, I was only 1 of the ground crew, but we all looked after each other like brothers, My best friend was the pilot, flight Sargent Downs,and after all the years that has passed by I dedicate this book to him, and the brave men that flew many missions with him.Although this story is what happened on the final two missions. I have seen aircraft coming back from a raid in dreadful conditions in fact how they stayed in the air to return to base I will never know.
Our base was El Alamane North Africa where we fought for 4 years.

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