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Fly Girl Volume 9: Rend the Sky

Length: 54 pages49 minutes


Everything has been leading up to this!

After weeks of tormenting Fly Girl, the Trickster finally makes his move, ripping open a portal to another dimension and threatening all life as we know it. And when Fly Girl tries to stop him, she finds her former friends - the ones the Trickster has turned into super-powered monsters - standing between her and him. But Fly Girl isn't without allies of her own, and the battle royale that follows will spill both blood and secrets on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

Rend the Sky is the ninth short story in the Fly Girl series by Russ Anderson, Jr., a Pro Se Single Shots Signature Series from Pro Se Productions.

Watch for A Walk With Coyote, the final episode of Fly Girl Season 1, coming from Pro Se Productions next month!

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