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The Tale II: The Abomination

Length: 407 pages5 hours


The brutal conflict with the Kree may be over. With their Shah thought dead our age old enemy retreated behind the impenetrable walls of their pocket dimension. Nevertheless this remained a perilous time and the citizens of the protectorate should have known better than to grow complacent. A cosmic anomaly causes the creation of a colossal wormhole that releases a hitherto dormant deadly micro-organism. This lethal extra-terrestrial plague spreads rapidly across the Galaxy. With no cure in sight Protectorate scientists clash with the military. Then without fully understanding the consequences stolen alien technology is used to fight the plague. Hope rests with the survival of an alien abomination who may grow to become the prophesied saviour known throughout the Galaxy as the Mahdi? This episode is not for the squeamish. Last time they faced war, this time they face eradication.

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