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Somebody's Chelsi: Book 5 The Wakefield Romance Series

Length: 98 pages1 hour


Every girl wants to be a man’s everything. They want to be the one their man says “Yeah, that’s my girl,” with a huge smile on their face and pride in their eyes.
Chelsi Ryder was someone’s everything, once, but that was a long time ago. Most said they were young and dumb, but ever since losing him Chelsi hasn’t given love another chance. She keeps her distance, making herself unavailable, that is until SEAL Team Lieutenant Austin French stumbles into her life.
Austin French is no stranger to love, being both hounded and rejected more times than he can remember just because he is what he is; a Navy SEAL. He’s sick of the one night stands with the uniform chasers and with most of his friends settling down around him, he wants a piece of the paradise Wakefield seems to offer. He’s fascinated with the strawberry blonde girl with the light green eyes and wants to know more-no, he wants to know everything about her.
Can walls be broken down in the hopes of finding a new love?
Can two people be everything to each other and fill a space in one another’s heart that neither knew was missing?

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