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You're Biting My Fingers

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With the knowledge of 'human nature' taught to him by his most interesting patients YRU Laffing wrote his humorous book, 'You're Biting My Fingers', while keeping in mind the slogan, 'many a true word is spoken in jest'. It takes the reader through amusing unusual instances in the dental chair and refers to how the majority of patients willingly talk to his assistant and him about their problems completely unrelated to dentistry. In the words of the author--" Sigmund Freud-- eat your heart out!"
The author makes mention of famous people in history who happened to be dentists. Among them was Paul Revere, the American patriot. Who hasn't heard of the gunfighter Doc Holliday, famous for his part in the gunfight at OK Corral, who walked the streets of Tombstone with his Colt 45 still smoking in between working on the mouths' of patients. Horace Wells, the Hartford dentist regarded as the father of general anaesthetics, when he found a use for laughing gas at a circus of all places, and many more...
Having been in dental practice for over 40years now, the author has come to the conclusion: There is a lot more to dentistry than just 'drilling and filling'.

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