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Partition: The Transformed, #12

354 pages5 hours


The final installment is here...

The series began with Alexis, and now she's front and center again.

What could be worse than finding out your daughter has been turned into a killing machine, without a chance of a cure? Finding out that everything you know is a lie.


Just when Alexis truly thinks her life is under control, it's been turned upside down. Those she thought she could trust are unreliable at best. The ones she thought she never could count on, those are the ones she must believe.

Can she wade through the lies in time to save her daughter?

Regardless of the outcome, this is NOT the end...

Toby's spin-off series: Curse of the Moon
Lost Wolf
Chosen Wolf
Hunted Wolf
Broken Wolf
Cursed Wolf
Secret Jaguar

Transformed Side Stories:
Fallen (Samantha and Tanner)
Silent Bite (Alexis during her big memory lapse)
Hidden Intentions (Clara and William)
Saved by a Vampire (Ziamara)
Sweet Desire (Gessilyn)

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