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The Silica Secret: Weight Loss with Diatomaceous Earth, A Safe, Organic and Effective Path to Losing Weight Naturally

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The Silica Secret!  Weight Loss with Diatomaceous Earth

Silica is one of our body's most important building blocks.  We need it in our diet and yet our diet is nearly devoid of it.  The lack of this important element has been identified as the cause of many ailments and conditions that we suffer from and many of which contribute to the growing rate of obesity in the western world.

Buried deep in the earth, huge deposits of diatoms, or fossilized silica shells from microscopic plants, have waited for millions of years.  This food grade element is purified and made available to consumers and yet we have only just begun to use it for one of its greatest uses: improving our health!

This book was written to introduce you to this incredible health-restoring product that is safe, organic and works naturally to bring you effective weight loss benefits while it cleanses and restores your body.  Its wondrous properties are numerous and while the focus of this book is weight loss, you will notice many more positive effects, including increased energy, glowing skin and more fulfilling sleep!

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