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Run Randall Run

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As the 2016 Presidential campaign winner Ted Morgan, who with his war on drugs and immigration, manages to get himself assassinated when a heroin producer decides to get even. Robert Randall as newly elected speaker of the house is plunged into succeeding unpopular President Morgan. Not only does Randall have to run for re-election on his own in 2019, he has to run the country and the drug war started by his predecessor. The pace for Randal is run, run, run. Randall takes the lead and authorizes anti-terrorist scenarios in the Middle East.

Blowing up lots of things is why David Decker and his teammates joined the Navy SEALS. Decker gets the job done while working with an attractive CIA agent. Their love-hate relationship endures through highly explosive escapades including attacks on heroin producing facilities and clandestine nuclear facilities in the Middles East. The Military/CIA clandestine operations create a series of political repercussions everywhere they go.
Martin Phelan is a lobbyist for clients who have conflicting interests. Phelan is also the campaign manager for the political machine that got Robert Randall elected to congress and eventually as President. In spite of his early shady reputation as "entertainment director" for visiting firemen, Phelan keeps himself and his clients out of trouble by keeping one calculated step ahead of everybody.

The not-so-soft and cuddly lady from the CIA, Linda Marlon, gets kidnapped in one of the revenge schemes and sold to the highest bidder in a clandestine slave market. Her rescue leads to another drug factory raid deep in Afghanistan with more explosive results.

Other colorful characters and situations throughout the Middle East are introduced right up to the introduction of the next book in the series.

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