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Nocturnal Academy 14: Infinite Times

206 pages3 hours


All contact with the newest Nocturnal Academy, located on the moon, has been lost. A rescue team was sent in to find out what happened, but it disappeared as well. Nocturnal Councillor, Lord Harmon Eldritch, is at his wits’ end and calls the one person he genuinely believes can help.

Unfortunately, Professor Abbacus has also vanished without trace.

As a good friend of the Professor, Alice Dibble is recalled from her much-needed summer holiday to help locate him. But this time even she can’t bring him back.

That is until she has what is quite possibly the craziest idea of her young life. An idea so utterly insane it just might work, and the dour Lord Eldritch actually agrees to let her try.

And so Alice and her boyfriend Andre embark on a roller-coaster journey through time and space and the astral plane to track down the missing Professor.

But Professor Abbacus doesn’t want to be found, and is not going to make it easy for them.

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