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Basic Ideas and Quotes in Politics

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According to Carl Schurz, “ideas are like the stars; we may never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them”.

The above statement underscores the precious nature of ideas. Although not all ideas are documented, this statement echoes the need to put ideas on paper to serve as a bank of knowledge from where willing minds can draw when attempting to address human problems.

This book: ‘Basic Ideas and Quotes in Politics’ attempts to synergize a large body of knowledge into a microchip of veritable information that can tremendously impact upon the knowledge of the individual without having to go through the hog of turning the pages of voluminous texts and materials on the subject matter of politics.

The contents of the book is the result of persistent quest for knowledge during my undergraduate experience, and my interest in drawing distinction between what is salient and that which may be easily dispensed with. I must confess here that the original intension for this work was geared towards personal review and clarification before the idea to publish it came to me belatedly. This idea, I suppose, could have been fuelled by the tremendous acceptance of my earlier work: ‘Selected Thoughts of Great Minds”.

For convenience sake, this book has been carefully divided into four chapters. Chapter one contains a number of quotations mainly on politics or political matters. Chapter two x-rays the various systems of rulership, though not exhaustive. Chapter three has to do with mode of production which readers will find very useful in understanding the nature and direction of politics at different epochs in human history. The last chapter discusses some basic concepts in political science as a discipline.

Finally, I have no doubt that everyone - the general reader, politician, social or political science undergraduate, will find this book very useful and interesting. I recommend it to you irrespective of your personal or group inclination.

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