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The Heart of a Tyrant

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The people's hope was dashed, their countenance bruised and their stomachs gnawed away in hunger. Resistance was met with brutality. Some were wounded; some imprisoned while others were shot dead. It was the handiwork of tyrants that came in as Messiahs. The commonwealth was misappropriated, or if you like, plundered. Happiness vanished and was replaced with sorrows. In repentance mixed with frustration, one man rose and said: "There is no need to be told that you, Chief Dennis, sure have the heart of a tyrant. From your utterances, you are threading the path of self-destruction. I shall fellowship not with this house of scavengers and parasites anymore...". The alter-ego, their President, had replied him: “Resign and shut your mouth for ever. Otherwise you will be a dead man soon”. He was shut up and shot down. Those who tried to do good paid dearly for it. Bullets were used against those they were meant to protect. Any hope in the air, or can the people be vindicated? This is a thought-provoking novel. Find out more; it is a must read.

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