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Five(+1) Fantastic Fables!

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Hilirael is a chid prodigy who influences the minds of a third of his mates and manipulates them into worshipping him in return for knowledge. Oaves are Repeaters is that in which Lucifer appears to have made the same one mistake twice. Adam and Eve were bright in the garden, until Statan appears under instruction from YiDzhah. Hilirael becomes the most illumined one but he retains his sense of humor as The Playful Nacash. The Forty Grand Year meeting tells of an astral and astronomically important meeting in which universal power sharing arrangements are discussed. Here in number six lies a story of error, albeit in good intention, competition! The story of The First Twins to Exist in the Heavens is retold here as The Unhappy Saga of Eli-Fucera and Eli-Faheral.

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