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Harrowing Part 3: The Trapped: Railway Detective

151 pages2 hours


DI Crosier has much more than the serial killer on his mind. Someone dear to his heart is missing. His priority now is to find her. It seems as if all his plans to catch the serial killer are going wrong. His boss from Manchester Railway Police Department is proving himself to be worse than useless and, to top it all, his old chum from The Met pulls rank. But Crosier his having none of it: to hell with the consequences. Only the lovely sergeant, Clare Cardin, understands Crosier and seems to know what he really needs, much to the annoyance of Alice. 

And then there’s the outstanding mystery: why did the Harrow crash really happen? There's more to the events of the past decade than Crosier realizes. Someone knows what really happened? Who isn't being honest with him? 
The horrific reality of what went so badly wrong on the footplate of the Perth Express is exposed in a most unexpected manner. And therefore, who will pay the price, who will be The Trapped? 

Approx’ 33,000 words.

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