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Harrowing Part 1: The Murders: Railway Detective

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Harrowing The Murders. Part 1 of a DI Crosier Thriller Serial. You can buy P1-P3 together as Harrowing: Calling at Tragedy, Serial Killing, Kidnap and Romance. The story is exactly the same, which ever you choose. 
The world’s oldest police force has no ordinary kidnapping, murder mysteries or serial killers to deal with here. This is a police procedural novel with a difference: it’s based on a real tragic event. 
Lorna is still suffering from the terrors induced by her nightmares. Nightmares brought on by seeing most of her family viciously ripped apart in England’s worst ever train crash which claimed the lives of 112 souls. That was in October 1952. And still the nightmares refuse to die with them. And the mystery of the crime? Why it happened? It remains just that: a mystery. Or does it? You will learn soon enough.
Only now, seven years later, does Lorna discover several old newspaper cuttings about the crash, collected by her elderly father. One article refers to an Inspector Crosier, of the Railway Police. He apparently ran a second investigation connected to the crash, from Crewe station in mid Cheshire. Perhaps she should visit him? He might just be able help. 
Crosier is unwittingly drawn back into the mystery again, and several murders around Cheshire and Scotland. Britain’s first - and youngest - railway serial killer plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with Crosier and the Railway Police. 
At approx’ 33,000 words. 
Be sure to read, Harrowing Part 2: The Kidnap and the thrilling conclusion in, Harrowing Part 3: The Trapped. 
Historical note: this novel is based on a real event. Apart from the experiences of the fictional Lorna, the sequence of the terrifying three-train-crash is described how it happened. 
Categories: police procedural, railway detectives, crime fiction best sellers, crime fiction series, murder mystery series, murder mystery thriller, serial killer series, murder mystery and suspense. 
There's some extra snippets from Harrowing Part 2 at the end of this book. 

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