A Little Frog’s Heart: The Stellar Waltz of Life

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A Little Frog’s Heart: The Stellar Waltz of Life

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The well-known questions such as What, How and, above all, Why are given some unexpected and enchanted answers in the volume III of the book A Little Frog’s Heart. These answers are delivered by the original characters we got used to celebrating along the story.

The relationship between a grandfather and his grandson is being brought in a warm light destined to open up our hearts for the harmonies of this volume, The Stellar Waltz of Life.

In the glittering bunch of the stories which interweave and overflow from each one to the others, as a modern version of the series On Thousand and One Nights, one could discern two mythological episodes, somehow a remnant of a popular Christianity magnificently adapted for a contemporaneous audience, of a genuine originality, which sheds their light as if they were some big rounded regal grapes, even if they are in a way ‘removed’ from the bunch and ‘spread’ all over the volume.

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