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The Woodsman

Length: 458 pages7 hours


Could you decide someone's fate to save your own?
It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. But plans have a way of changing in an instant. Instead, he was thrust into a dark world of heartbreak and horror. Bound by a curse of deception, Daniel Henley had betrayed his true love, now he had to pay the price. 20 years of servitude in a deadly game of survival. He had found a way to destroy the curse once and for all, to destroy the evil that had caused so much pain, all he had to do was break the rules...all of them.
The Woodsman is a gripping paranormal thriller about love, obsession and trust. Having the courage to face your enemies is one thing but to do it with a stranger who has committed no crime of betrayal but chooses to stay by your side, facing an unimaginable horror.
Do you trust them enough to tell them the truth, the whole truth? More importantly, can they trust you?

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