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Trial by Exposure

Length: 117 pages1 hour


When Andera Rowe decided she wanted the beautiful, charming Paathi Rais as a third partner in her marriage with her husband Farren, she wasn’t expecting to become the secondary wife herself, subject to Paathi’s every whim. She certainly wasn’t expecting to love it. But after a period of domestication, when Paathi kept Andera confined to their estate and taught her to serve in her new role with a combination of pain, humiliation, and mind-shattering pleasure, Paathi has decided that it’s time to show the newly-obedient Andera off to the world.

From dalliances in public markets and crowded trains, to seeing old friends in a whole new light, to being kept in a cage for the amusement of her own servants while Paathi and Farren travel on business, Andera still has a lot to learn about the role of secondary wives in her adopted homeland of Ralaath.

And she has a choice to make, because at the end of the month the trial period of her marriage to Paathi will be over, and she must either confirm the marriage and give up her independence forever—or give up Paathi and all the pleasures she’s learned at her hands.

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