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This bad-tempered Marine is the last man she needs, but he's the one that she wants—and the one who'll do anything to keep her safe.

A Texas DEA agent and veteran tries to drown his grief and anger in alcohol, leaving his group of friends at their wits end. But when a sweet and lovely abuse survivor needs his protection, he steps up to keep her safe from a vengeful ex. Can he protect her from his own dark side?

DEA agent Jake Thompson has done his best to drink away his anguish at losing two of his best friends and fellow Marines. But there's not enough alcohol in Texas, and if he goes on boozing and brawling, he'll lose all his remaining friends, and the one woman he wants. Hope has brought joy and sweetness into his life, as well as the hottest night he ever had. He can get himself back on track for her … can't he?

Hope Lewis is everyone's friend, and a counselor at Freedom House, a shelter for abused women and teen girls. She has one weakness—her longing for handsome, sexy Jake. But after witnessing his battle with the bottle, and his mega-blowup at mutual friends, she knows he's not the man for her.  With her past, she needs a quiet, even-tempered guy with a nine-to-five, not a moody, broody agent who disappears into the dangerous underbelly of Texas for weeks at a time. She can resist Jake … right?                                                                                                                 When a deadly stalker emerges from Hope's past, Jake is afraid for her, and furious when she doesn't turn to him for help. But shouting at her does the one thing he can't bear … drives her away. When Hope's cunning stalker chooses this moment to strike, Jake must grasp every bit of his control to stay cool. Can he save the woman he loves and convince her to give him one more chance?

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ISBN: 9781519921567
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Jake - Anna Scott

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The pounding at my front door was so loud, I wanted to shoot whoever was there. Fucking assholes. I could guess, it would be either Reed or Gavin.

I wished it would be Hope; that would be nice. Unlikely, though, damn woman.

I rolled over in the bed and felt the stirrings of desire, just thinking about her, as I started to drift into sleep again. I’d somehow gotten my head underneath my pillow, which worked; the noises were muffled and my head would stop spinning.

Are you fucking serious? At the sound of Reed’s pissed off yell, I pulled the pillow tighter over my head. The sheet was ripped away, but I didn’t move. I was trying to remember if I was naked. A fight ensued, Reed grabbed the pillow I was gripping tightly and tried to pull it away too. I held on, not willing to let it go, but in my current state, my strength was no match for the annoying giant.

The asshole had turned the lights on; the piercing pain in my skull was about all I could take. I rolled to one side, trying to look at Reed and figure out what he was doing here.

What the fuck do you want? I wanted to scream at him, to get him out of here, though I didn’t have the strength, so I said it quietly, but with plenty of menace.

Get up, it’s time to talk.

What’s going on? I grumbled angrily toward his general direction.

You’re a fucking mess - that is what’s up.

He walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Thankfully, I was wearing my jeans from the night before, so I grabbed a clean tee, took a piss and joined Reed in the living room.

All right, here I am, big brother, why are you here?

Reed’s glare didn’t help my mood. I knew I was being a dick, no question. The thing was, I didn’t ask for his interference and I didn’t want it. We were friends, sure, but he wasn’t my keeper, wasn’t my true brother, I was in charge of my own life, of my own behavior.

Aurora came looking for you weeks ago, she had this and wanted to bring it to you. Reed said, nodding down at something in his hand. You weren’t around, I thought it would be better if I found you, instead of her. Where the fuck, have you been? You haven’t returned a phone call, not a text, fucking nothing. What the fuck, Jake? Is this what we’re reduced to?

Tilting my chin up to see what he was holding, I saw a cream envelope with my name written in bold print on the front.

What is that? They getting married already? My tone was rude, no doubt, but I was sick of seeing the happy little couple all sweet. They acted like life was fucking great, no way could I understand that shit, I had a hard time forgiving it.

Reed audibly sucked in his breath and if it was possible, his glare got even fiercer. Apparently I’d pissed him off; oh fucking well.

No, Jesus, Jake, can you pull your head out of your ass for two god damned seconds, please?

Since I didn’t reach out to take the envelope, he dropped it on the coffee table.

What’s wrong with you? He asked. I could tell he wasn’t kidding; how did he not know?

Are you joking? Seriously? Life is fucking peachy, that what you want to hear?

No, I want the truth, what’s going on?

I rolled my eyes and leaned back on the couch.

I’ve been working; you know – work. Fuck, I’ve been deep under for fucking weeks, and it all got fucked two days ago.

That sucks, but something has been off with you since Nolan died. We’re all grieving, but you’ve gone beyond that.

If you don’t know, I’m sure as hell not going to tell you. Childish? Absolutely, but really? Maybe I was taking Nolan’s suicide harder than the rest of them because Dylan and I had been so close, but whatever. In my mind, they were a bunch of unfeeling dicks.

Aurora wants everyone to come over this weekend for a bar-b-que, try to crawl out of your hole long enough to show up, yeah?

I gave him the obligatory chin lift in acceptance.

Sober, he went on.

I opened my eyes and just stared at him for a minute.

You smell like a drunk in the gutter right now, Jake, give me a fucking break.

I didn’t respond, there wasn’t a damn thing I would say to him. I knew I’d been drinking more than usual. I needed to settle it down, but between the fucked assignment I just finished and the thing with Nolan, I needed a little peace. Not to mention Hope and her bullshit. After we’d fucked, she practically disappeared.

Thanks for coming by. I was dismissing Reed, and he knew it. He slammed out of the house and left me in the quiet again. I fell back to sleep on the couch.

Rolling over on the lumpy sofa, I remembered why I was out of my bed and saw the letter lying on the coffee table. Having no idea what it would be, I picked it up and read.


I’m sorry for taking your best friend from you. I know it’s my fault that Dylan died. I’ve thought about it so many times; imagined what I could have done differently that day. I fucked up and hurt you more than anyone. I know you’ve never forgiven me and I get it, I understand.

The memories are just too much, the pain on your face every time you look at me, it’s all too much. I hope that someday you will find a way to forgive me for taking Dylan from you.

I know what I’m doing is selfish, that I’m making Dylan’s death all about me, but really it isn’t. I just can’t outrun my demons anymore.

Maybe you will find a way to deal with your guilt and pain. I hope that you can find a way out of this feeling of total despair.

Thanks for everything man, I know you tried to help me, tried to pull me out of the muck more times than I can remember. You’ve been a good friend.

Make your life better, make it what Dylan would have wanted for you.




Where the fuck are you? I yelled through the obviously empty house.

I’d just rolled over, stretched my hand out, and searched. The other side of the bed was cold. I looked around the room, nothing. Rose from the bed, checked the bathroom, the kitchen, every room in my house, she was nowhere.

I felt like shit this morning, I wasn’t hungover, hadn’t been since the morning Reed came with the suicide note from Nolan. Guilt ate at me though. I’d been a total dick to Aurora last night, hurting her beyond what even I could understand at the time.

I’d been so pissed, so upset at the seemingly normal behavior of everyone. A fucking bar-b-que, she and Luke were acting like everything was normal and I couldn’t take it. I was out of line and I knew it.

Now, in the light of day, I saw just how selfish I’d been. I knew that everyone deals with their grief and pain in different ways. I knew that I wasn’t dealing with it well at all.

After Dylan died, I had finally come home and immersed myself in work. Getting my job with the DEA and winning my first deep cover assignment had been huge for me. I was proud of the work I did, but if I were honest with myself, the many undercover assignments I’d taken since coming home from the Marine Corps had been my way to hide.

Knowing in my head that I couldn’t have done anything differently, but feeling in my heart that had I been just a little faster, gotten to Nolan first - something, maybe we could have all made it home. I hadn’t ever been angry with Nolan for getting shot, only with myself. I felt like shit though, that I’d made Nolan feel that way.

Was my anger and bitterness to blame for Nolan’s suicide? I’d never really know, but I was sure it had at least played a part in it.

Back in my room, the fury consumed me. Getting dressed, then grabbing a coffee, I slammed into my truck and roared off toward Hope’s house.

With my never ending attention to everything around me, I noticed an old Chevy truck on the street. It looked out of place here. The street was quiet, clean and full of nice family homes. The cars weren’t upscale, but they were nice, this old truck stood out among the modestly priced vehicles that lined the road and filled the driveways.

Parking in front of Hope’s little house, I thought back to the night before. She’d gotten shit-faced at Luke and Aurora’s once the girls finally returned. I had been shocked at how she’d gotten right up in my face, so fucking angry with me.

My rant had sent them running, they’d all escaped the chaos ensuing in Aurora’s living room and found solace in Hope’s house. Upon their return, I’d apologized to Aurora, then the girls started in with shots.

Hope imbibed way too much, and before long she was trashed. After her display while we all played poker, I grabbed her, flung her over my shoulder and carried her to my truck. It was the first time I’d cursed my huge Dodge truck. Getting her up into the passenger seat had been one hell of a pain.

She passed out on the way to my house. I’d wanted to talk to her, to do more if I were honest. She and I had been dancing around each other since the night of Nolan’s funeral. After the dinner, when Luke and Aurora skipped out early, I’d taken Hope home.

Walking her to the front door that night, I’d expected to leave her there, but she had grabbed the front of my black dress shirt and pulled me down for a hot kiss. My self-control snapped after that.

Picking her up around the waist, I shoved her door open, slamming it shut with my foot. We never made it to the bed. Finding the wall just inside the front door, I held her against it, ran my hand down over her ass and found the hem of her skirt that had ridden way up. With her legs wrapped around my waist, my avenue was clear.

Finding the tops of her stockings and the presence of garters spurred my hungry exploration. My fingers followed the trail of her garters until they glanced over the sopping wet lace of her panties.

Fuck, I groaned, nuzzling into her hair. Slipping one finger beneath the tiny cloth, I felt the slick heat of her pussy. Her lips were waxed clean and her clit was swollen, hard and protruding. I could feel her pulse the minute I shoved inside her velvet channel.

Ahhh, Jake- Hope’s moan hardened me even further. My dick, that was already trying to break through the zipper of my dress pants, was now pressing so hard against it, I was certain I’d have permanent marks. Her needy little sounds only made me want her more.

I’d been attracted to her for a long time, since the first time I met her really, a few years ago, but now, I was drawn to her. Even through the shit rolling around in my head, I felt the pull between us, something cosmic and unavoidable.

Jake! I need you. Her slurred words gained my attention quickly. I ran through the day, trying to figure out if she’d had too much to drink. She hadn’t. Pulling back, I peered into her eyes and saw that they were clear. She wasn’t drunk, just overtaken with pleasure; like me.

I moved us to the couch, then reaching down, I released my eager cock. As soon as it was free, it sprang up and smacked against her abdomen. Her laughter was the last thing I expected to hear during that crazy moment of lust.

Pinching her ass, trying to gain her focus once more, I peered into her eyes and tried to look stern. Most women, hell, most people were terrified of my stern - I’m an asshole - look, but not Hope, she laughed harder.

You’re not going to be laughing when I shove into you. I growled and then bit down on the lobe of her ear. Feeling her sensual tremor, I laid her out, shoved her legs apart and swiftly moved so my hungry mouth was lined up with her soaked panties. Those, of course, had to go. Since the things were flimsy, I fisted them, my knuckles brushing against her opening and I tugged. They were decimated in a matter of seconds. Without delay, I feasted.

Her juices ran down, coating her flesh and I lapped up every drop. The sweet honey of her arousal filled my mouth, and the scent intoxicated my hazy mind. Tongue darting out to lick her fully, I felt her body squirm, and I knew that she was just as high on this as I was.

Shoving inside, my tongue speared her cunt, moved down, rimmed her tiny ass and back up, and sucked her clit. I couldn’t get enough, I wanted all of her, every part, right now, all at once, I had no clear direction, no idea where to go first, so I just went everywhere.

My freed cock was begging me to get inside her, but I knew that this tiny little cunt would bruise if I rammed into her too soon. She needed to be prepared. The walls of her pussy spasmed around the fingers I thrust inside. She had the tightest pussy I’d ever felt.

Hope’s movements enticed me, as she was writhing on the couch, all I wanted to do was to hold her down and take her, hard and repeatedly. I needed to control her, to dominate her, to take over her body and wring as much pleasure from the both of us as was humanly possible.

Having no idea if she would be able to submit to me in the way I desired most, I hesitated, not allowing my dark side to escape. I’d assert my will quietly.

You taste so good, baby. I murmured into her flesh. The vibrations of my voice made her wiggle around some more and press her core harder into my mouth. Fingers working, tongue spearing, lips sucking, Hope was cumming within a few short minutes.

I eased her down from her climax slowly, before I moved from the floor, reached around and pulled a condom from my wallet. I didn’t understand why I’d had the compulsion to slip it in there this morning, but I was glad I had. Laying the foil packet on the arm of the couch, just over her head, I moved up over her and allowed her to explore my body.

Hope’s greedy hands went straight for my shaft, encircling me, she stroked, pulling it up to her. Complying, at least for now, I allowed her to guide me to her willing and open mouth. Taking me inside, she sucked me, gripping the base, she pumped me and fondled my heavy balls with the tips of her fingers. With both hands working and her sweet mouth, sucking, I was entranced in her seductive pull.

Her sneaky little finger reached back and traced the skin around my asshole. No one had ever touched me there. I felt my body tense as she put just the slightest amount of pressure against my hole. Thank god, she didn’t try to push inside, but the feeling was strange. With just a few more strokes on my cock, the pressure increased, and I felt the tingle at the base of my spine. If she kept that shit up, I’d blow down her throat in no time.

Tapping the top of her head, trying to let her know what was about to happen, she sucked harder, pumping the base of my cock with one and stroking over my ass with the other. At the last second, she slipped the tip of her finger inside me, and I blew. I felt like the top of my head exploded in possibly the best orgasm of my life.

Jesus, fuck! I shouted into the otherwise silent house. Hope kept sucking me, more gently now and with light strokes, she brought me down.

I collapsed onto the couch next to her, completely boneless. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it up again, which had never been a problem for me before.

Hope cuddled up on my lap, unbuttoned my shirt and nestled into my naked chest, caressing me lightly for several minutes. Her touch was just what I needed. To my utter shock, I was hard again and eager to feel her heat surrounding me in minutes.

She noticed the cock poking against her, reached over, grabbed the condom and had it on me before I even realized what she was doing.

Straddling my lap, she sunk down onto me. She didn’t go slowly; she rode me like a wild woman. I pulled her amazing tits to me and sucked on her nipples so hard she was crying out. I had no idea if it was with pleasure or pain, but as she came around my dick, I knew she