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First Encounter

Length: 143 pages1 hour


Book #1, ‘First Encounter,’ is a Hot, Sexy read that contains explicit Adult Sex Scenes and very Spicy Content. It’s the first book in a series called, ‘Adele.'

A brief overview of the storyline for the whole ‘Adele’ series. It’s about two people, both looking for what seems to be missing in their lives. Both have amassed substantial wealth and are quite influential in their public lives.

One(Adele) is the older of the two. She’s struggling with the need to give up everything and not feel weak and frail. The other (James) is less mature. However, he’s well versed in the BDSM lifestyle and is looking for his missing half.

This book, ‘First Encounter,’ describes their initial meeting. That’s followed up by the subsequent banter for dominance and their first sexual encounter.

Adele is an independent and high-powered lawyer, and James is a charismatic and up and coming architect. However, James is a lifestyle Master. He’s not had a pet for quite some time. He’s very particular as to who his partners will be.

The story begins with James attending a very boring charity banquet hosted by his employee. He’s about to leave when he spots Adele. At first sight, there’s an instant attraction on his behalf towards her. However, Adele is more reserved, being some nine years older and much more cautious.

Still, from that point on, his goal is to have her submit to him and become his pet. James is well connected and can open almost any door in the city of Boston. Or further adrift if the need arises
This book is a work of fiction, and it covers coming of age, new adult, & college, saga, contemporary woman, romance, erotica, romance erotica and some may say fantasy.

My writing also contains humor, women's fiction, action, and adventure. This series is a collection or an anthology of novella-sized stories. Available only in e-book form until the end of the series.

✫✫✫✫ ̧. • ° * ” ̃ ̃” * ° • ✫✫✫✫

All oral, sexual and foreplay applications portrayed in my books are real methods that work. I’m aware of the fact that a lot of women wouldn’t have heard of some of the erogenous spots mentioned. Or for that matter used the methods of stimulation outlined.
However, as I have stated, they are real and can lead to some fantastic orgasms. That part is up to you and your partner or you alone I’m afraid, but if I’ve brought it to your attention, I’ve done a good thing. Enjoy! No one will judge.

All my titles touch on BDSM, domination, submission and the alpha male. The two series that I’m writing at present go into this lifestyle a little further than my short stories.

In today’s society of relaxed sexual boundaries, a lot of women secretly crave the fantasy of submission. For most, it’s a means of escape from reality and the everyday pressures of life.

I personally know that a lot of very successful women use the lifestyle, as escapism from their high-powered jobs. It allows them to surrender all decision making to another, even if only for a short spell, maybe just on weekends away from their workplace.
In addition to this, you the reader can also submit. My writing will draw you into the characters, and you will find it hard not to have a connection that will affect you physically

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