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Lily of the Valley in May: A Romantic Suspense for Every Month of the Year

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Forced into hiding after witnessing her fiancé commit murder, artist Faith Chadwick finds her own faith lagging. For safety, she temporarily moves in with her sister.Best-selling author Joel Wallac is on death watch. His son is dying and Joel can only sit helpless in the hospital room. As grief overwhelms him, he employs Faith to help him bring a storybook to life for his son, and they begin to forge a relationship even in the midst of danger and fear. Witnessing Joel’s steadfast belief in God spurs Faith’s own wobbling faith, but when she is threatened once again, the police insist Faith needs to leave the area. Joel convinces her to accompany him on his upcoming book tour. What better way to keep her moving around too much for anyone to catch up? With armed escort, they embark on what soon turns into a dangerous journey. When Faith's ex finds her, Joel pulls her from a dire situation. But there are consequences…Could God have brought them together in trial and tragedy for some divine purpose, and can she overcome her doubts and fears to accept God’s will?

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