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Worship is the expression of all we feel toward God. It's so much more than a song in a church service. It is a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is a supernatural life. Those who worship, must worship in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeks those to worship Him (John 4:23–24). Go beyond the courts and enter into the holy of holies. God is calling us to the deep places in worship. God is calling us to a life of worship.
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A Life of Worship - Leah Hobbs

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When any part of the Body of Christ comes together as one to worship the heavenly Father, we are a force to be reckoned with, causing darkness to flee, angels to cry holy, and people to be set free. It’s in these moments of worship that God the Father looks down from the portals of Heaven with a smile, pleased by the sweet aroma of worship that is lifted up to Him. Worship touches His heart and is an integral part of our relationship with the Father.

Worship. What is worship exactly? How do we do it? Is there some secret formula to worship or is it just our genuine expression of love to the Father by whatever means we know how to give it?

I, personally, wanted to know more about worship. I wanted to know, straight from the Father, what worship really means, so I set out on a quest of seeking His face in order to understand His heartbeat for worship. In doing so, I gained revelation and insight that transformed my worship and changed my life.

As a young person consumed by God and desiring to do the work of the Kingdom, worship was just something wonderful that I participated in during church services or during my personal times with the Lord. While these were always powerful times in themselves, there was something more that God was requiring of me. I had no idea that He would call me to a place of worship. I’m not a musical person, although I did take piano lessons as a child and played the violin in middle school, but didn’t everybody at some point? While many people in my family can sing, I was never in the school chorus nor did I ever have a desire to sing. All of that changed when I said yes to the Lord and became a part of a worship team at my church.

I was comfortable serving behind the scenes, working in my church’s youth group in the media department. I’m creative, but I’m also tech savvy, so being a director or camera operator was well suited for me. One Sunday night, the leader of our youth group’s worship team heard me singing a little tune, even though I wasn’t trying to be heard. Well, the next day she called me and invited me to come to worship team practice that night. She told me to pray about it, so I did, and of course, the Lord told me to go.

Well, going from that first step of obedience and faith until now has been an incredible journey. I thought that I would just be able to sing some background vocals and maybe help out administratively, but God had something more in mind. It was barely four months before He began to groom me in worship. It didn’t take long for that passion for worship to consume me like a fire. At the six-month mark, my outlook on worship dramatically changed. It became a passionate desire that burned deep in my soul. I wanted to worship in His presence more and more. I wanted to take my private worship life, make it public as a worship leader, and invite other people to join me in God’s presence. By the time a year had gone by, I had found depths of worship that I never knew existed, but I knew that there was still so much more. There’s something powerful that happens to us while we worship God. I needed to know what that was.

Through this book, I will share the things that I have learned about worship. While this book could not possibly cover it all since there is so much more to learn, I pray that it will show you some things about worship and open up a new understanding of worship for you. I pray that you will be blessed and your worship will be transformed to a new dimension, continuously going from glory to glory in Him. There is a dimension in worship that the Church can go to that will saturate this Earth with the glory of God like never before. David understood that deep place in worship. He was a man after God’s own heart. If we will just seek God’s face in spirit and in truth, we too can come to a place in worship that sets us right at the foot of the throne. God is calling us to