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Since Thou, O Lord, deign'st to approach again

And ask us how we do, in manner kindest,

And heretofore to meet myself wert fain,

Among Thy menials, now, my face Thou findest.

Pardon, this troop I cannot follow after

With lofty speech, though by them scorned and spurned:

My pathos certainly would move Thy laughter,

If Thou hadst not all merriment unlearned.

Of suns and worlds I've nothing to be quoted;

How men torment themselves, is all I've noted.

The little god o' the world sticks to the same old way,

And is as whimsical as on Creation's day.

Life somewhat better might content him,

But for the gleam of heavenly light which Thou hast lent


He calls it Reason—thence his power's increased,

To be far beastlier than any beast.

Saving Thy Gracious Presence, he to me

A long-legged grasshopper appears to be,

That springing flies, and flying springs,

And in the grass the same old ditty sings.

Would he still lay among the grass he grows in!

Each bit of dung he seeks, to stick his nose in.

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