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The Problem of Sibling Rivalry: Good Parenting and Child Psychology

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Table of Contents

The Problem of Sibling Rivalry
Jealousy among Close Kin
Factors Causing Sibling Rivalry
Greed and Covetousness
I Know Best...
Apologies and Forgiveness
Controlling Anger
Parents’ Role in Sibling Rivalry
Emotional Gap
So have you given your sibling a hug today? I need to go call mine up after I finish this book! Live Long and Prosper!Author Bio
Author Bio


Many parents with a number of children persist in their belief that their children have a natural and inborn affection for each other, they are not jealous of each other, and they definitely do not spend plenty of their time competing with each other, or quarreling.

That is a delusion which parents persist on promoting, because they cannot face the fact that human beings, especially siblings, are born to be natural opponents.

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