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Victory Herbal Garden in Your Limited Space: Sustainable Gardening for Children/Beginners

62 pages21 minutes


Table of Contents

Miniature Gardening
Drainage and Size
Most Popular Seed Types For Sprouting
Traditional Sprouting Process
Ready to Eat Seeds
Mustard and Cress
Materials Needed
Choice of Herbs
Popular Herbal Tea Herbs
Choice of Garden Implements
Gravel And Potting Compost
John Innes Potting Compost
Planting Your Plants
Watering of Your Plants
Best time for Planting Your Garden
Author Bio


I was just talking to one of my friends about gardening, because she was bemoaning the huge amounts of money she had to pay for fresh vegetables and I asked her why she did not make a garden of her own.

Her immediate answer was - she had no time. After that, she looked around and said she had absolutely no free space. Especially for flowerpots, herb pots, and all that mess.

This book is not for all those people who go into things with enthusiasm, and then one fine day decided that they do not like dirt under their fingernails. And so they abandon all their gardening efforts and decide to do something else constructive like let us say – moan about high prices for vegetables.

This book is for all those who are interested in a back to basics food revival where you are going to grow healthy food for you and your family. More and more people want to eat fresh, seasonal and locally grown foods.

Most of us are urbanites. Most of our dwellings are high-rise apartments, where you are not going to find any sort of outside space. You may be living off a really busy, noisy, road and you think that no plant is going to grow there.

So not true. So if gardening is your game, and even if you have just limited space, use your ingenuity and creativity and let us start this new campaign of growing your own food and growing healthy naturally.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, when England was hit by World War II and all the men went to war, women decided to roll up their sleeves and put food upon their family’s table, as well as feed a whole army! Yes, all the soldiers were fed with food grown by their womenfolk who had joined the woman’s land Army.

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