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The Wolfian issue 7

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The Wolfian issue 7

Length: 144 pages1 hour


The Wolfian issue 7 features articles on a wide range of current political issues, including our featured article on Yemen by Julie Maxon. Mathew Hulbert's regular diary feature, Loving The Journey, looks at current issues such as the fight to save libraries and Fairtrade. Several articles look at the EU Referendum, whilst we have a full Poets' Corner, and fiction from Krista Weaver, K DeWess and Brent Filer, plus Part 3 of Jonathan Doering's serialised story 'Earworms'. The cover is from cartoonist Benjamin Okun, whose commentary and poetry features inside, and we also feature the musical novel of Tim McDonald, and Ty Spencer Vossler on the start of his writing career.

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