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Guerrilla Tactics Against Passive Aggression in the Workplace

Length: 66 pages46 minutes


Have you confronted people doing passive aggresion at your work place? Either you are a manager or a co-worker, you better be aware of this hidden sabotage to work projects. In either case, you are asking yourself: How do I deactivate this kind of behavior in my environment?

Is there a way of managing the PA employee towards a more engaged behavior and discourage indirect aggression, while promoting healthier interpersonal relationships? The book answers those questions and offers a package of guerrilla tactics to be implemented.

BENEFITS: When you use the tactics proposed in our book, you will:

recognize passive aggression in the workplace;

learn how to deal with passive aggressive behavior at work;

develop your managerial skills dealing with passive aggressive employees ;

learn three strategies to respond to passive aggressive behavior;

discover 6 guerrilla tactics to eliminate a passive aggressive environment;

create a long term action plan to handle passive aggressive workers.

If you are dealing with passive aggressive people at work, and it is sabotaging your best work and damaging your career, now is the time to get information and skills about how to protect yourself and your projects.

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