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Wilde Mountain Time

Length: 496 pages7 hours


Can love survive a long lost secret that threatens everything?

Thom Mitchell is taking a break from his musical career—before it takes a break from him permanently. While his manager tries to salvage his failing career, Thom heads for the Presidential Range in New Hampshire to take a vacation and cross something off his bucket list. At the Mt. Washington Hotel, he finds the lovely and sassy Joanna Hayes, a Southern lawyer who knows how to push all of his buttons. Drawn to her instantly, as she is to him, Thom craves the growing intimacy between them.

But the treacherous and deadly trails of Wilde Mountain aren’t the only thing putting their burgeoning future at risk. Secrets from Thom’s past, stemming from an alcoholic blackout, could destroy them both… and their one chance at happiness.

Masterfully crafted by the immensely talented Siobhan MacKenzie, this brilliant mystery will keep you on the edge to the last page! —Foery MacDonell, author of Laird of the Mist and Laird of Raven Mountain

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